OTSA’s leadership pathway consists of multiple programmes across three categories: Early, Senior Leadership and Headteacher.

OTSA is delighted to be collaborating with Best Practice to provide the opportunity to gain nationally recognised qualifications (NPQs) alongside the OTSA leadership provision.

Early Leadership: Enabling practitioners the chance to develop leadership skills

  • Exploring Leadership Programme is aimed at teachers with limited or no leadership responsibility yet, but demonstrate effective classroom practice with a high commitment to professional learning. Participants will gain a deeper understanding of effective leadership, a greater awareness of their own leadership strengths as well as support to identify their next steps in pursuing leadership opportunities and further professional learning within their schools.
  • Middle Leadership Programme identifies and consolidates knowledge and understanding about leadership and management to achieve high quality teaching and learning. The programme is designed for middle leaders who have responsibility for leading subjects, key phases, pastoral responsibilities or other aspects of the schools work. This programme can be extended to allow participates to gain National Professional Qualification for Middle Leadership (NPQML) certification.

Senior Leadership: Refining leadership skills within a wider educational context

  • Aspiring Leadership Team provides leadership training and inspiration for those existing leaders who aspire to be part of the school Leadership Team, or who have already been seconded to the Leadership Team for a limited period. The programme aims to develop a greater understanding of current educational issues and their whole school implications for senior leaders.
  • Growing Future Leaders is designed to help develop outstanding school leaders into the next generation of headteachers who are capable and confident in working in a very different environment. The programme sustains and reinforces personal ambition and professional aspiration in order to create a cohort of leaders committed to securing excellence for all in our schools. The programme is also designed to enhance participants’ current practice and make a direct impact on their school and, in particular, develop confidence in leading teaching and learning, closing the gap and as a systems leader. This programme can be extended to allow participates to gain National Professional Qualification for Senior Leadership (NPQSL) certification.

Headteacher: Developing skills, knowledge and opportunities to support in leading a school

  • Early Headship Programme will address key leadership themes, provide the opportunity for headteachers in their first or second year of headship to connect with each other and engage in solution-focused activities as well as providing 1-to-1 coaching support from an experienced headteacher.
  • National Professional Qualification for Headship (NPQH) not only focuses on the key skills needed for headship, but also meets the highest standards for leadership development anywhere in the world. NPQH is a high bar that will challenge and develop talented leaders from all backgrounds to deliver educational excellence in a self-improving system, and high quality outcomes.
  • Headteacher Leadership Programme aims to inspire, support and challenge more experienced headteachers in their current role with even more effectiveness, insight, authority and impact. The unique demands of the headteacher role require unique development – this programme provides support for headteachers to ensure the outcomes for young people across Oxfordshire.

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