Professional Networks

OTSA helps to promote and facilitate new and existing Professional Networks - communities that allow people to learn from each other through network meetings and online forums. 

Networks may have a number of aims, including: 

  • To exchange knowledge, skills and ideas
  • To identify shared CPD needs and organise CPD opportunities
  • To engage in action research
  • To have a positive impact on teaching and learning through collaboration
  • To provide mutual challenge and quality assurance 

Visit the OTSA website to find out about existing networks in Oxfordshire, but also to get in touch with other people who are interested in developing a Professional Network relevant to you. 

OTSA supports the establishment of Professional Networks in a number of ways: 

  • A ‘toolkit’ with step by step guidance in how to establish a successful, sustainable, network.
  • Individual PLN websites with online discussion forums
  • A ‘members only’ web tool to facilitate discussion, action research and to store shared resources
  • Individual support and consultancy to establish a network
  • Administrative support e.g. maintaining contact information and marketing events

Take ownership of your professional development today – and join, or establish, a Professional Network in Oxfordshire.

Professional Networks in Oxfordshire