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Code: NL_Self-Harm Self-Harm & Disordered Eating: Helping Young People Learn to Live with Feelings

This workshop will be an opportunity to become better informed and more confident in responding to incidents of deliberate self-harm and in responding to young people for whom eating has become problematic. What exactly do young people do? Why do they deliberately harm themselves? Why do they stop eating sometimes or start making themselves throw up? What’s going on in their lives? Is everyone different or are there common themes? What helps and what hinders? How should professionals think about these things and how should they respond?

This workshop will be theoretical as well as experiential and practical. We’ll think about our own experiences as well as the experiences of the young people with whom we’re working. We’ll practise and learn together. The day will be of particular interest to professionals working with young people in education, health, social services, counselling and other contexts.


£95 + VAT (Total £114)

Essential Information
Session Session Date Session Time Session Venue Map
1 Tuesday 21 May 2019 09:30 - 16:00 King Alfred's Academy (West Site) Map

Code: OTSA/19/46 So you want to be a School Counsellor? (One-day workshop)

Being a school counsellor is different from being a counsellor who happens to work in a school. This workshop is for anyone thinking of applying or already starting to work as a school counsellor, including those still training to be counsellors.

What makes a school counsellor effective, both in and out of the counselling room? This workshop will present ideas about:

  • how the school counsellor becomes a whole-school resource, thinking systemically about the school
  • how counselling becomes a normal part of school life
  • counselling staff
  • managing peer support with students
  • responding to parents
  • collaborating with other services both in and out of school

Most importantly, this workshop will explore ideas about how counselling goes beyond ‘listening’ and ‘empathising’ to become therapeutically incisive with credibility in the corridors and staffroom.

Cost: £95 + VAT

Essential Information
Session Session Date Session Time Session Venue Map
1 Tuesday 18 June 2019 09:30 - 16:00 King Alfred's Academy (West Site) Map

Code: OTSA/19/63 Annual Conference for Counsellors 2019 - Didcot Civic Hall


What really works? And what doesn't?
The 12th Annual Conference for Counsellors working in schools or interested in working in schools
Thursday 19th September 2019 - Didcot Civic Hall
COST: £95 + VAT

Everyone in school wants a quick fix, but what if there isn't one? What if therapeutic change is slow and schools get frustrated, expecting counsellors to have magic wands? How do counsellors work most effectively with young people and with schools?


Full Programme

8.45: Arrival, registration and coffee
9.30: Welcome
9.40: Opening address: What really works? And what doesn’t? Effective therapy with young people from the past to the present - Dr Silvia Elsner, UKCP psychotherapist, has worked for over 20 years in a variety of therapeutic settings, including schools, universities and the NHS. She has taught on the Oxford University psychodynamic training programme for the last five years and has experience of supervising counsellors, including in schools. She is especially interested in the factors that make therapeutic relationships succeed.

10.40: Coffee

11.00: Morning Workshops:
1. Developing a whole-school counselling service (Jim Pye)
2. Gender identity services for young people: assessment, treatment, and the role of schools and school counsellors (Gabrielle Lees)
3. Black holes: a developmental approach to young people’s experiences of depression (Lucy-Jean
4. Using a counsellor’s experience to make difficult meetings with parents, staff and agencies more effective (Kathy Peto and Shona Reed-Purvis)
5. Talking with the head teacher and senior leadership team about the school: why and how do we share our
thinking? (Debbie Lee)

12.30: Lunch (buffet lunch will be provided) 

1.30: Afternoon Workshops:
1. Saying one thing and meaning your mother: the complexity of maternal relationships in work with young people (Katia Houghton)
2. Necessary failure: counselling young people through disappointment and disillusion (Laura McDonald)
3. Working with risky, suicidal young people (Shona Reed-Purvis and Debbie Lee)
4. Between the words: developing emotional fluency with primary-aged children (Caroline Kerr)
5. Working with young people’s anxiety and with the anxiety of schools (Nick Luxmoore) 

3.00: Coffee
3.15: Plenary: Nick Luxmoore
4.00: Conference close (CPD certificates available)

COST TO ATTEND: £95 + VAT (£114)

Closing date for applicaitons is Friday 13th September 2019

Essential Information
Session Session Date Session Time Session Venue Map
1 Thursday 19 September 2019 09:00 - 09:30 Didcot Civic Hall Map