Helicopter Stories - letting imagination fly (Cancelled)

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Unipart House, Garsington Road, Cowley
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Trisha Lee
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EYFS Practitioners / EYFS Teacher / NQTs / SENCO / SEND Practitioners / Teachers / Teaching Assistants
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Early Career Teachers / Teaching and Learning / Early Years
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Helicopter Stories is an Early Years, Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 approach to communication and literacy skills based on the Storytelling and Story Acting curriculum of Vivian Gussin Paley, patron of MakeBelieve Arts. MakeBelieve Arts has been pioneering this work in the UK since its conception in 2002. It forms part of their Storytelling Curriculum.

Trisha Lee delivers a lively, engaging and interactive training day exploring story scribing and story acting with young children.

The training uses Trisha's bestselling book "Princesses, Dragons and Helicopter Stories" as a resource and a copy of the book is included for each delegate.

The Benefits of Helicopter stories:·
An inclusive, whole-class pproach which values every child’s contribution;·
Facilitates high levels of engagement;·
Creates confidence and self- assurance;·
Supports the development of speaking skills as children express and share their ideas;·
Helps to develop accurate, active listening skills and understanding; ·
Supports co-operative and collaborative and creative learning; ·
Develops positive relationships within a shared storytelling experience;·
Allows children to explore the power of words as they see their stories come to life, and develop their ability to use and adapt language to communicate;·
Offers children a bridge into the world of story writing as they begin to see the links between the oral stories they compose and the words on a page.

 Feedback on Helicopter Stories:·
"Whoop whoop! Story scribing and helicopter storying are fab! Ahead of my moderation visit tomorrow my head met with me yesterday and the previous evening and was so pleased with the number of children who are writing and more than that writing independently!" ( feedback on Helicopter stories in practise)


Audience: EYFS practitioners and teachers / KS1 Teachers / SEND Practitioners working in schools and settings

Cost: £115 + VAT to include lunch and a copy of "Princesses, Dragons and Helicopter Stories" by Trisha Lee

To find out more about Helicopter Stories and Trisha Lee click on this link https://www.makebelievearts.co.uk/helicopterstorieslettingimaginationfly

In its simplest form, Helicopter Stories lets children dictate their stories which are written down verbatim, exactly as they are told, by an EYFS or Key Stage 1 practitioner. The children then gather around a taped out stage and the stories are acted out.

Alongside the simplicity of this approach is an ethos that is child-centred, creating a culture of curiosity and wonder at the dexterity of children’s imaginings during both the telling and the acting out of their stories.

This holistic approach uses the power of storytelling to develop key curriculum areas such as creativity, communication and language, personal, social and emotional skills in the Early Years and Key Stage 1 classroom, giving children's stories a voice in a safe space.



Training Objectives

To learn about, practise and be confident to implement the Helicopter Stories approach in their setting.

Learning Outcomes

To explore the Helicopter stories approach

To understand the benefits of this approach to young children

To have the understanding and confidence to implement this approach in your own setting

Additional Information
Start Date
Wednesday 4 December 2019
End Date
Wednesday 4 December 2019
Closing Date
Tuesday 3 December 2019
10:00 - 15:30
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