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Greg Bottrill: Shaping Confident and Highly Engaged Learners in the Early Years (Cancelled)

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Unipart House, Garsington Road, Cowley
Course Tutors
Greg Bottrill
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EYFS Practitioners / EYFS Teacher / NQTs / Teachers / Teaching Assistants
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Training day
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Early Years
Course Description

Join bestselling author and childhood specialist Greg Bottrill in an adventure into the magic of children and discover how to shape confident and highly engaged leaners through the golden blend of play and direct teaching in Early Years.

 The training day takes place at Unipart House Lecture Theatre in Oxford and is an inspirational journey into the heart of childhood in which you will discover your own creativity and curiosity.

The session will explore three cornerstones of childhood: joy, confidence and the world of imagination. Greg will demonstrate how to embrace curiosity and play through three approaches: The Message Centre , Play Projects and Drawing Club - all three of which are embedded in the concept of the magic of children, a door which when you step through can transform your practice and take it to the next level.

The Message Centre is a powerful way of bringing joy to early writing and mark making. Children need to see the purpose for writing, something that isn't always easy but the Message Centre brings purpose in bucketloads! Based around the concept of messaging, The Message Centre is a compelling way to sprinkle magic over your practice. Boys love messaging and this highly engaging approach, makes writing almost ‘addictive’.

Play Projects is an approach that utilises the building blocks of play and is firmly rooted in the idea that choice and emotional connection are critical to learning if children are going to be confident and challenge themselves. Play Projects are big on choice, creativity and collaboration - the very things that children need to gain independence and develop problem solving and critical thinking. Play Projects are ideal as a means of facilitating transition into KS1, but they can be adapted right the way through to Year 6 if schools are seeking to explore how
to make children’s experiences more playful and personal. 

If you want to develop early literacy and a joy of stories with your children, without dominating your continuous provision with 'literacy topic' then Drawing Club is perfect for you! A really exciting way to explore the magic of story that can impact on the whole curriculum. Based on drawing, imagination and language, Drawing Club uses Greg's principle of the 3Ms to turn it into practice that can have extraordinary outcomes for children.

Training Objectives




Learning Outcomes

Through this course you will learn:

  • how to shape authentic connections with children through ‘co-play’

  • how to take play upwards through your school, into KS1 and 2

  • unique ways of developing fine motor, language skills, literacy and mathematics within your classroom or setting

  • how to apply the 3 M's to your practice with highly effective results

Additional Information

Greg's first book ‘Can I Go And Play Now?’ became a bestseller and is the basis for his training sessions. Greg is passionate about the importance of play and the magic of children and is committed to enabling educators to create education that isdone with children, not to them. Join us to discover how playcan be an effective tool across the school day and uncover how to get ‘Not Play’ just right for your children too!

Greg's second book 'School and the Magic of Children' is out now!

Start Date
Wednesday 20 May 2020
End Date
Wednesday 20 May 2020
Closing Date
Friday 15 May 2020
09:30 - 15:30
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