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Humanities Conference 2020 at Hill End!

Hill End Centre, Eynsham Road, Farmoor
Course Tutors
Jon Cannell
Admin Contact
Target Audience
Senior Leaders / Teachers
Course Types
Workshop, Training day
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Teaching and Learning / Leadership / Conferences
Citizenship / Geography / History
Course Description

An exciting opportunity for Primary School teachers to prepare and be OFSTED-ready for the new Humanities Curriculum. Join us for a day with Subject Specialist Leaders and Practical Workshops; using the amazing facilities at Hill End Centre.

Leading Primary Geography Specialist - Jon Cannell
He will lead the first part of the day on how to develop Geography skills and knowledge across the curriculum, including continuity and progression. He will consider how teachers' subject knowledge is developed - for example in 'how challenge is evidenced' and how assessment is used as an effective teaching tool. He will consider 'what is high quality geography?' and how you can plan for this in your curriculum. He will also address how a school can be OFSTED ready.

Designing an Enriched History Curriculum
Two Primary Teachers (History Arts Mark) will discuss how to Design a new History Curriculum, which maps topics into Year Groups and considers Skills and Progression within this. They will show how Assessment questions and Higher-Level Thinking can be facilitated as well as how challenge is evidenced using KCVs (Knowledged Curriculum and Vocabulary). They will also demonstrate how to maximise cross-curricular links by linking topics to Text Types. Lastly, they will share their experience of a History 'Deep Dive'.

Practical Workshops - Morning - Select the Key Stage you would like to focus on:
Hill End - Workshop (1)- Hill End Tutors- maps - how to draw them with games; orientating maps - with games; map symbols - games to learn positioning - outside work.
Jon Cannell - Workshop (2) - KS2 - (i) Using OS Maps, familiarisation activities, Grid References; (ii) Indoor Treasure Hunt – using maps to locate Treasure; (iii) Creating 3-D Landscapes.

Practical Workshops - Afternoon – split into 2 parts:
Part 1 – Workshops - Hill?End?Settlements?& Our World Enrichment Initiative - choose one workshop from a) or b)

a) Hill End Tutors - Practical Historical Skills
Hands on activities such as grinding corn, bread making and cooking over a fire, making tools eg. stone axes or spears, foraging, willow weaving or shelter building (They can plan for particular activities, from the above list if you especially want them - please e-mail the Admin Contact).
b) Our World Initiative (recognised by a local Inspection Council) - A Programme developed by a local school, based on current affairs. Where children learn to use their voice and discuss issues surrounding those they learn about, therefore promoting positive mental health and pupil voice, as well as meeting the Rights Respecting Council aims.

Part 2 – Workshops – Ashmoleum & OCC Loan Box - choose one workshop from c) or d)

c) Ashmoleum Museum - Clare Coleman (Learning Officer)
Talk on how a Museum Visit can support all children, through providing a rich and broad set of learning experiences. Find out how Museum Workshops allow children from diverse backgrounds to grow their vocabulary, engage in creative thinking and boost their cultural capital. There will be object handling/activities and games as well as new activity bags for children with special educational needs including visual impairment.

d) OCC Museum Loan Boxes - Sonja Roberts (Learning & Access Officer)
Familiarise Teachers with Loan Box Contents and increase your confidence to handle objects more widely within the range of boxes available, their contents and versatility; both in terms of age range and subject matter. There will be a demonstration and an opportunity to take part in a few easy activities which can be instantly used in the classroom.

Cost £95 per delegate, this will include a sandwich lunch and refreshments throughout the day.

Training Objectives

To give Teachers the Knowledge and Skills to build an Enriched, Progressive and Cohesive Humanities Curriculum across both Key Stages.

Learning Outcomes

Morning - Geography Focus:
Learn how to meet the OFSTED guidelines of Intent, Implementation and how to measure Impact. Learn how to plan a sequence of lessons, creating a cohesive Curriculum where children are given the opportunity to build Skills. Learn how progression can be evidenced from: using Purpose of Study as well as from Skills and Fieldwork.

Morning Workshops - two in the morning to choose from:
Hill End Outdoor Fieldwork Skills - Learn how to create and use Orienteering games and map Symbols (KS 1/lower KS2)
Jon Cannell - (Upper KS2) -Map Work Skills - Learn what Grid References and how to use them, learn how to Create a physical Landscape and create Cross-Curricular Links.

Afternoon - History Focus
Talk - History - Teachers learn to create an enriched, topic-linked Curriculum mapped throughout the school to create a cohesive progressive journey for their children.

Afternoon workshop 1 - two to choose from - Our World Enriuichment Initiative or Hill End Settlements
Our World Initiative - Teachers learn to create a short weekly session on Current Affairs, where Children engage in to develop their Pupil Voice and Mental Health.

Hill End History Settlement - Practical Activities - learn a range of hands-on, skill building historical activities which can be topic-linked (see Course Description)

Afternoon Workshop 2 - two to choose from - Ashmoleum & OCC Museum Loan Boxes

Know how a Museum Visit can provide a rich, broad learning experience, particularly to children from diverse backgrounds and with Special Needs. Realise that children will learn new vocabulary by experiencing creative history and this will in turn initiate more creative thinking. Learn a new set of games and acitivites with historical artefacts.

Museum Loan Boxes
Know the Value of loans boxes for multiple purposes and all age groups across the Curriculum. Increase confidence for Teachers by including work on Speaking & listening, Group work, Encouraging discussion, co-operation, exploration, sense of discovery and Wow factor! Learn how to investigate and discuss artefacts, and handle them safely.

Additional Information

If there are Topics in History that you would like to see demonstrated practically, please drop an e-mail to the admin contact and we will see if it is possible on the day.


Start Date
Wednesday 10 June 2020
End Date
Wednesday 10 June 2020
Closing Date
Wednesday 3 June 2020
09:00 - 16:00
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