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Teacher Subject Specialism Training for Physics

Oxford Spires Academy, Glanville Road
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Neil Adams
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Early Career Teachers / Teaching and Learning
Science - Physics
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Are you teaching Physics for the first time?

Are you a PE teacher covering a Physics group?

TSST in mathematics and physics was introduced in 2015/16 and aims to build the capacity of non-specialist teachers who may be able to move into a mathematics or physics role. In addition, it aims to upskill non-specialists who are currently teaching mathematics or physics, and those looking to returning to the profession. 

The six sessions will cover Energy, Motion and Forces, Waves, Elec and Mag, Matter and Space and Radioactivity.

This training is free of charge and is suitable for Secondary Teachers.



Training Objectives
Learning Outcomes


TSST has a dual purpose:

  • to improve the subject knowledge of non-specialist teachers and returning teachers in secondary mathematics, core maths, physics and MFL,

  • to increase the number of teaching hours in these subjects.

The training is therefore available to those who are already teaching, or have a firm intention to teach a TSST subject in a secondary school or sixth form college in the near future.

Additional Information

Programme dates:

Wed 12/11/19:09.30-15.30 - Energy
Thu 12/12/19:09.30-15.30 - Waves
Fri 24/1/20:13.00-17.00 - Forces and Motion
Thu 5/3/20: 09.30-15.30 - Electricity
Weds 6/5/19: 13.00- 18.00 - Electromagnetism and Space
Weds 3/6/20:09.30 -15.30 - Matter and Radioactivity



Start Date
Tuesday 12 November 2019
End Date
Friday 3 July 2020
Closing Date
Friday 8 November 2019
09:00 - 15:30
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