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Exploring Leadership Programme - Oxford City Cluster

Wheatley Park School, Holton
Course Tutors
Jacqui Green
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The Exploring Leadership Programme is aimed at teachers who have completed their NQT year, demonstrated they are effective classroom practitioners and have a high commitment to professional learning but as yet have just limited or no experience of leadership.
Participants will gain a deeper understanding of effective leadership as well as a greater awareness of their own leadership strengths and areas for development. They will also have the opportunity to identify their next steps in pursuing leadership opportunities and further professional learning within their schools.
The programme consists of 5 sessions - two afternoons and three twilights.

Training Objectives
Learning Outcomes

Session 1: What is Leadership?

Consider aspects of management and leadership.
Participants will consider aspects of leadership withint their current teaching roles.
We will look at case studies of effective leaders to draw out the underlying principles of effective leadership.

Session 2: Self Awareness

Participants will review outcomes from a 360 diagnostic leadership survey before exploring conscious leadership.

Session 3: Building Relationships

Considering the importance of positive relationships in effective leadership.
There will be the opportunity to consider frameworks for effective conversations, enrolling staff in shared visions and modelling positive behaviours.

Session 4: Managing the Demands of Leadership

Presentation of, and discussion about, a toolkit for supporting teachers in managing the demands of leadership role, whilst maintaining the quality
of their teaching.

Session 5: Reflections and Next Steps

Participants will present their reflections on leadership and the impact this has had on their own professional development before developing a plan of 'next steps'.

Additional Information

There will be a range of inter-sessional and school-based tasks. These will explore aspects of leadership and personal understanding and observations of leadership activity and behaviours. The tasks will include:
* Leadership self-analysis
* Shadowing of a middle leader within their own school
* Visit to another school to see leadership in a different context
* Completion of a planning and reflection document, followed by a final presentation of findings

Start Date
Monday 18 November 2019
End Date
Monday 15 June 2020
Closing Date
Wednesday 13 November 2019
13:30 - 16:30
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