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Working with Angry, Aggressive, Hating Young People

Unipart House, Garsington Road, Cowley
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Nick Luxmoore
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Administrative Staff / Counsellors / Designated Safeguarding Leads / Home school link worker / NQTs / SENCO / SEND Practitioners / Teachers / Teaching Assistants
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Working with Young People
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Working with angry, aggressive young people can be difficult, nerve-wracking, intimidating, upsetting. Some young people seem stuck as ‘the angry person’ while, for others, being able to be angry would be an achievement. Working with young people involves working constantly with anger, our own as well as that of young people and their institutions. How should we respond? Should we be trying to manage anger away or encouraging it? And what about when young people say that they hate someone or something or themselves? Is hatred normal? Is it evil? Is it related to love? Or is it part of a more profound disappointment that all young people experience and, with our support, must learn to bear?

In this workshop we’ll explore some theoretical understandings of anger, hatred and aggression. We’ll share experiences and practise ways of working effectively with young people who regularly confront us with these powerful feelings. The day will be of particular interest to professionals working with young people in education, health, social services, counselling or other contexts.


£95 + VAT (Total £114)

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Workshop facilitator:

The workshop will be led by Nick Luxmoore. Nick is a trainer, school counsellor, teacher, youth worker and psychodrama psychotherapist (UKCP registered). He has over 40 years’ experience of working with young people and with the professionals who support them.

Nick’s career has included teaching English and Drama in schools and prisons, teaching counselling at Oxford Brookes University, running a youth centre and youth theatre, setting up and managing a young people’s counselling and information service, working as a school counsellor and as a counsellor with young refugees and asylum seekers. He currently works as a freelance trainer, clinical supervisor and author.

He is the author of eleven books about working with young people, with themes including anger, self-esteem, death, love, hate and sex.



£95 + VAT (Total £114)


Start Date
Wednesday 22 April 2020
End Date
Wednesday 22 April 2020
Closing Date
Saturday 18 April 2020
09:30 - 16:00
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