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Primary Aspiring Leadership Team Programme

Millbrook Primary School, School Lane
Course Tutors
Jane Ratcliffe
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Target Audience
EYFS Teacher / Teachers
Course Types
Course Categories
Coaching & Mentoring / Leadership
Course Description

The Aspiring Leadership Team provides leadership training and inspiration for those existing Primary leaders who aspire to be part of the school Leadership Team, or who have already been seconded to the Leadership Team for a limited period. The programme aims to develop a greater understanding of current educational issues and their whole-school implications for senior leaders.

  •  3 twilight sessions led by Headteachers in their own schools, each focusing on an area of leadership. Perhaps on a case study of something that has been particularly rewarding

  •  1 twilight session led by a senior leader on “Making the first step to senior leadership’

  •  1 daytime session as a “blink’ style visit to a primary school to see the impact of leadership, and to demonstrate how priorities are identified

  •  1 twilight session to review all learning and plan next steps 


Cost £300 per participant


Training Objectives
Learning Outcomes

Focus of each session;

Session 1   Leading the curriculum

Session 3   Values based leadership

Session 4  “Blink” Primary School visit

Session 5   The Difficult Conversations – Leading People

Session 6   Review and Next Steps

Additional Information


Middle leaders in primary schools and EYFS who have not completed Growing Future Leaders, but may have completed Middle Leader training
through OTSA or in-house training.

Start Date
Thursday 8 November 2018
End Date
Tuesday 9 July 2019
Closing Date
Saturday 3 November 2018
16:00 - 18:00
Maximum Places
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